The Warm Sunset in Karachi

The Warm Sunset in Karachi. Sunset happens because of the earth’s atmosphere. Due to our 300 miles atmosphere, we get the scattered effect of light as it acts like a prism. The sun starts to lose it color as it sets. We live in a world of everyday pollution and atmospheric ambiguities.

It is necessary that we enjoy these natural sources of pure joy or happiness. It is also important to Have a positive outlook and a solid aim in life.

This can help you stay focused and become an achievement centered individual. The natural course of events will decide whether these free natural aesthetic appeals like a sunset stay with us. But, you can not stop celebrating. It is pivotal that we try and clean the environment. I have selected the digital route for various reasons. As an artist you can analyze how you can reduce the environmental load. Cutting trees is a major crime in my book.



It also loses its blue wavelength hues. This turns it into an orange, leaving only red wavelength. This is why the sun at the end of a sunset will look like a ball of fire.

Note: The Warm Sunset in Karachi is one of the most easiest digital drawings that I have made.

Textured Digital Art in Pakistan

Source: Quora