Textured Digital Art in Pakistan

Textured Digital Art in Pakistan- I am all set and aiming to get this article ranked for the No.1 spot on Google. For a seasoned content writer, it is not that hard to get their articles or content ranked. My digital journey started off on 23rd February 2019 and I have practiced and drawn ever since.

Today, your art must have three key ingredients:

1. Eye-catching and attention-grabbing
2. It must have a message
3. Will be creative

To sell your art, and I talk through the basic entrepreneurial spirit that I own. ” You need to make a mark, and leave a footprint”. Because one you cannot survive if you are an average artist. Practice will enable you to become the best graphic designer. All I am saying is; to incubate and encourage your creativity. For example, you can manipulate most of the images in the world. Especially, on a software like Photoshop. How does that sound? Isn’t that empowering?

It is quite possible that you are looking to create an image that does not get blurred at a high resolution? Adobe Illustrator will help you create images that will look good as a logo and on a billboard. Is this empowering? For a graphic designer, these tools are a must-have.

You can use Photoshop for a textured art technique. This enables you to create a texture on your hand-drawn image. Here is an example.


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Textured Digital Art in Pakistan- You can also sell this under the category of

1. Textured wall art
2. Textured art on canvas

It is ideal to focus on your digital upbringing and see how well you communicate with this software. For graphic designing, you will need to learn PS, Illustrator and a bit of In-design.

3-D wall art:

You can also create 3-D objects and wall art on your digital canvas. As creativity is not limited. You can allow your imagination to roam around in all directions.

Final Thoughts:

The main rule is to focus, practice and enjoy your work. You definitely need a good sense of observation to excel in the field of design. It is ideal to imagine various scenarios of a new landscape that you see or a place that you visit. You can mesh it with a sci-fi scenario or add neon lights. The glow effect is quite popular in the world of Digital Art. Various artists use this effect to create a light in a digital painting.

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