The Warm Sunset in Karachi

The Warm Sunset in Karachi. Sunset happens because of the earth’s atmosphere. Due to our 300 miles atmosphere, we get the scattered effect of light as it acts like a prism. The sun starts to lose it color as it sets. We live in a world of everyday pollution and atmospheric ambiguities.

It is necessary that we enjoy these natural sources of pure joy or happiness. It is also important to Have a positive outlook and a solid aim in life.

This can help you stay focused and become an achievement centered individual. The natural course of events will decide whether these free natural aesthetic appeals like a sunset stay with us. But, you can not stop celebrating. It is pivotal that we try and clean the environment. I have selected the digital route for various reasons. As an artist you can analyze how you can reduce the environmental load. Cutting trees is a major crime in my book.



It also loses its blue wavelength hues. This turns it into an orange, leaving only red wavelength. This is why the sun at the end of a sunset will look like a ball of fire.

Note: The Warm Sunset in Karachi is one of the most easiest digital drawings that I have made.

Textured Digital Art in Pakistan

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Textured Digital Art in Pakistan

Textured Digital Art in Pakistan- I am all set and aiming to get this article ranked for the No.1 spot on Google. For a seasoned content writer, it is not that hard to get their articles or content ranked. My digital journey started off on 23rd February 2019 and I have practiced and drawn ever since.

Today, your art must have three key ingredients:

1. Eye-catching and attention-grabbing
2. It must have a message
3. Will be creative

To sell your art, and I talk through the basic entrepreneurial spirit that I own. ” You need to make a mark, and leave a footprint”. Because one you cannot survive if you are an average artist. Practice will enable you to become the best graphic designer. All I am saying is; to incubate and encourage your creativity. For example, you can manipulate most of the images in the world. Especially, on a software like Photoshop. How does that sound? Isn’t that empowering?

It is quite possible that you are looking to create an image that does not get blurred at a high resolution? Adobe Illustrator will help you create images that will look good as a logo and on a billboard. Is this empowering? For a graphic designer, these tools are a must-have.

You can use Photoshop for a textured art technique. This enables you to create a texture on your hand-drawn image. Here is an example.


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Textured Digital Art in Pakistan- You can also sell this under the category of

1. Textured wall art
2. Textured art on canvas

It is ideal to focus on your digital upbringing and see how well you communicate with this software. For graphic designing, you will need to learn PS, Illustrator and a bit of In-design.

3-D wall art:

You can also create 3-D objects and wall art on your digital canvas. As creativity is not limited. You can allow your imagination to roam around in all directions.

Final Thoughts:

The main rule is to focus, practice and enjoy your work. You definitely need a good sense of observation to excel in the field of design. It is ideal to imagine various scenarios of a new landscape that you see or a place that you visit. You can mesh it with a sci-fi scenario or add neon lights. The glow effect is quite popular in the world of Digital Art. Various artists use this effect to create a light in a digital painting.

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Using Mosaics and Tile Art

Using Mosaics and Tile Art

Other tile-based arts include mosaics, micro-mosaics, and stained glass. You can use a normal or a granite tile which are often 3/8 of an inch. The tiles are an effective medium to help you stay focused and work with space limitations. You can even use a normal house tile for a print. The tile will have a notch in the middle and at the back. This form of art is extremely popular in various parts of the world. This is another form of expression. The enclosure of the brain is a unique concept and this piece took about an hour to complete.

A Brief look at Drawing a Doodle


Abstract Art and the use of Visual Language

Abstract Art and the use of Visual Language –

Abstract art utilizes a visual language. That of line, color, form, and shape to create a concoction or composition. This is an abstract piece, and I have strategically placed a bunch of objects and items to let them function as a unit. This drawing exercise was a direct result of analyzing individual items and to see their functionality. Do they mesh and gel up well? Can they function as a unit? The star in the artwork denotes a fresh start.

Monster Hulk and His Green Adventures


Monster Hulk and His Green Adventures

Monster Hulk and His Green Adventures

Monster Hulk and his green adventures is a piece that is closer to a reinvention. The hulk is a famous green monster, a human, that turns into a green creature. This is the result of an experiment gone bad. The Hulk is an evergreen character, literally. This character stands strong in difficult times. He is a fighter and a lover. He gets angry for all the right reasons and then he converts into this monster.

The Couples who Vape Together Stay Together


The Beginning of Wolverine from X-men

The beginning of Wolverine from X-men-

Wolverine is a character from the hit series called X-men. The sharp and thin blades that are a result of a mutation, that hit this individual known as Logan. A weary Logan cares for his favorite professor also called professor X. Just like any one of us, and you may relate to a protective feeling that this character displays.  Some may fantasize about having thin sharp sword-like claws that can cut through metal while others may find the healing capability as a bonus. The character is not your average hero.

A Brief look at Drawing a Doodle


A Brief look at Drawing a Doodle

A Brief look at Drawing a Doodle-

This is a unique piece, as I have drawn, and incorporated the process of brainstorming. In this doodle, you can find an artistic purple color. The brighter colors can make you feel energetic and the energy can help you during the day. The smaller intricate details are what make it stand out or pop. The eye-catching colors with unique attention to detail have made this art an extremely popular medium. You can have a look at this drawing a get a sense of joy, security and happiness.

Graffiti Art in Karachi

Digi Art

Graffiti Art in Karachi

Graffiti Art in Karachi:

Graffiti Art is a medium to express yourself. You can use a wall to paint a masterpiece.  It is not a dated form of art and is relatively new. But it has an equal reach and a fan following. In the digital world, graffiti is a growing medium to express yourself. The form has a worldwide following that is akin to the Manga anime. A simple graffiti is a symbol of freedom. You are free to use the most vibrant colors. You can also use the typography and color psychology to create a masterpiece that the subjects love and adore.

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E-paint – A review of Digital Art in Karachi

E-paint – A review of Digital Art in Karachi

Art – Avatar

E-paint or the digital drawing is common in various parts of the world. It is becoming a feasible option for artists. You do not touch paint and yet you create Art. This is a sample Piece. The Oil pastel in his hand denotes a thought process. This is a random sketch of a sitting pose.

The design is a representation of a creative thought process. Something that is unique and dear for the artist and creative people. We live in a world of constant bombardment of Ads., and promotions.

A sample Product description

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